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We are a team of 6 directors with a heart for the community and a particular passion for Dawlish and the surrounding areas. One director is a registered mental health nurse who has experience of community work in the area and who first thought that more is needed to enhance the community.

With so many services now restricted due to funding cuts, we thought it was time for a new approach.

We aim to provide support groups, wellbeing activities, groups for little ones to engage with older people and training.

We will be funded by grants and will not have a premises, therefore keeping our costs low.

As a CIC, we are run not for profit but for the benefit of the community. Our aim is to keep the cost to those who engage with Roots to a minimum by seeking grant funding, sponsorship and local support.

If you are a business owner / donor wishing to discuss the benefits of supporting Roots please email: admin@rootscommunityenhancement.org

Registered Company  Address   3 Clifton Place  Dawlish    CIC No. 11375189

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